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Nestled in the heart of Collingwood, among 27,000 square feet of immaculate brewing space, this is where our award winning beer is carefully made. 


How did we get here? 

Some time around 1985 while still at Molson, our Brewmaster, Michael Hancock, had the good fortune of meeting Prinz Luitpold von Bayern, the head of a castle brewery west of Munich.

Shortly thereafter, Michael found himself working in Prinz Luitpold’s brewhouse, located at 75 Victoria Street in Toronto, which housed two restaurants: Denison’s and Growlers. This is where Michael perhaps became the first brewer in Canada to serve unfiltered beer on draught and one of the first in North America to brew a wheat beer.  

When unfortunate circumstances forced the brewhouse to close in 2003, Michael kept his two signature beers alive by brewing them under contract at various Toronto-area breweries for ten years. 

Those beers were his Wheat and Dark Lager. 

In 2010, Michael was introduced to a group with plans of opening a brewery in the Collingwood area who were in search of a skilled and experienced brewmaster. A few years later, in April of 2014, the Side Launch Brewing Company opened its doors and his signature beers finally found a home again. 


Key Dates



Denison’s opens for business, allowing Michael to develop his signature Wheat and Dark Lager. 


Unfortunate circumstances force Denison’s to close, but Michael retains the rights to his signature beers. 


Michael is introduced to a group with plans of opening a brewery in the Collingwood area. 


Side Launch Brewing Company officially opens its doors.


Side Launch is named Canadian Brewery of the Year by the Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference.