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Ships of Collingwood

This is our chance to have some fun brewing seasonally relevant beer. Drawing inspiration from the Collingwood shipyards and Michael’s rich brewing history, these are the Ships of Collingwood. Stay tuned for more, because you never know where our next bit of inspiration will come from.


Huronic Tripel


ABV 8% · IBU 35

This highly carbonated Belgian-Style Tripel has a clean maltiness, lots of spicy depth, and an evidence of alcohol that peeks through complex orange and mango flavours. 

Named after Lake Huron, “The S.S. Huronic” was the first steel-hulled ship built in the Collingwood shipyards. During the Great Lakes Storm of 1913, aka the “White Hurricane”, it ran aground on Whitefish Point in Michigan. More fortunate than most, her crew and passengers survived. In the late 1930s, her cabins were removed and passenger service ended. In 1950, she was finally scrapped in Hamilton, Ontario. Though she’s no longer with us, her legend lives on with a beer that’s as complex as her past. 



Germanic Bock


 ABV 6.1% · IBU 30

This rich and toasty German Strong Lager begins with tones of slight caramel and dark fruitiness and finishes with a hint of sweetness.

The 165-foot “Germanic” was reportedly the last wooden steamship built in Collingwood in 1899. She began her career on the Upper Great Lakes for the Great Northern Transit Company and succumbed to a raging fire in 1917. Yes, she’s lost, but she’s most certainly not forgotten.