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We believe good things come from hard work. A belief fuelled by a robust history of expert shipbuilding that has transcended into an obsession for crafting the perfect beer. Because an arduous day spent trying to do things to the best of your ability should be capped off with a Side Launch made by folks who believe in the same things you do. 


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Within every keg, every bottle, every can lies an unwavering obsession for creating something as balanced as it is unique. 


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In order to choose the perfect Side Launch for the palate, one must first reflect on the inspirations from which it came.


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At the end of a long day of doing what you love, you know there’s a Side Launch waiting to be raised in honour of your efforts. And now, you can look amazing while doing it.


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Interested in seeing how our beer is made, all while tasting our delicious lineup? Email or call us at 1-844-293-2337 to set up a guided tour. 


*Tours only on weekends.