About Us

Our Brewery

Side Launch Brewing Company opened its doors in 2014 and is just a short drive from the base of Blue Mountain. Nestled in the heart of Collingwood, among 27,000 square feet of immaculate brewing space. This is where our award winning beer is carefully made.

We have a 35-hectolitre brewhouse with 35-,70-, and 140-hectolitre fermenters.All our beer uses Collingwood water filtered through our in-house filtration system, a blend of imported and domestic malts, and European and North American hops (depending on the beer). 

Our Name

Our name, Side Launch Brewing Company, celebrates the deep-rooted history of shipbuilding that has fuelled our town since the late 1880s. For over a hundred years, Collingwood was responsible for building lake freighters designed to fit through the narrow locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway. During World War II, Collingwood Shipbuilding was contracted to build 23 warships for the Canadian Navy.

Due to the geographical constraints of the bay, these massive ships couldn’t be launched into water the conventional way: bow or stern first. Instead, they were launched sideways or “side launched”.

As one of the only places in North America to introduce ships to water this way, people would travel from all over Canada and the US to get a taste of these momentous events.

We hope the same happens with our beers.