If it won't launch forward...

It's a Side Launch.

Our simple name comes from a remarkable history. When the southern gate of the Georgian Bay was populated by labourers who built ships for cargo and war, it was too shallow to launch a massive vessel bow first and launching ships sideways was the only way.

It's the 1850s.

Collingwood is founded and named after Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood. Through this town runs the Northern Railway, a popular shipping point for goods. With so much shipping, Collingwood Shipyards officially opens. Although Nottawasaga Bay was a hub for shipbuilding, the water was too shallow to launch their vessels the normal way, by stern or bow. So instead, they performed a Side Launch.

In 2014, Side Launch was born.

We dedicate our name to our rich history and brew for our beloved community. Only the best ingredients go into our lines of Lager, IPA, Wheat, Sour, Porter, Seltzer and Non-Alcoholic beers.

Sold in pints and 6-packs, 12-packs and 24-packs, we suit all your beer necessities.

With community comes culture.

It wasn't enough just to brew for our community. Here's how else we enrich Collingwood and the Georgian Bay:

Live Music

Every Friday to Sunday

Games & Events

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