Collingwood's Thriving Arts and Culture Scene: Exploring Galleries, Museums, and Events

Recognized as a picturesque town in Georgian Bay, Collingwood's natural beauty is just one of the many vibrant parts of the town. With a lively arts and culture scene, Collingwood is a hub of creativity and inspiration. Join us as we explore the stunning art galleries, captivating museums and exciting events Collingwood has to offer.


Collingwood Museum

1. Collingwood Museum: For those interested in delving into the town's rich history, a visit to the Collingwood Museum is a must. This local treasure showcases exhibits that chronicle Collingwood's past, highlighting its maritime heritage, shipbuilding legacy, and the stories of the community's early settlers. From interactive displays to fascinating artifacts, the Collingwood Museum provides a captivating journey through time, connecting visitors to the town's roots and cultural heritage.

Blue Mountain Foundation Arts

2. Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts: At the forefront of Collingwood's arts scene, the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts (BMFA) showcases the works of talented local artists. The BMFA hosts ever-changing exhibits that feature a variety of artistic styles and mediums, providing a platform for emerging and established artists to share their creativity with the community. Step into the BMFA Gallery and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of visual arts that reflects the essence of Collingwood's artistic spirit.

Tremont Studio

3. The Tremont Studios: Nestled within a historic building in downtown Collingwood, The Tremont Studios is a collective space that houses the studios of various talented artists. Here, you can witness the creative process firsthand as artists work on their masterpieces. Explore the studios, engage in conversations with the artists, and gain insight into their inspirations and techniques. The Tremont Studios is a hidden gem that offers a unique and intimate art experience.


Collingwood Film Festival

4. Arts and Cultural Events: Collingwood hosts a myriad of arts and cultural events throughout the year, enticing both locals and visitors alike. From summer art crawls to live music performances, theatrical productions to film festivals, there's always something happening in Collingwood's cultural calendar. Keep an eye out for events like the Collingwood Art on the Street, or the Collingwood Jazz and Blues at the Station, where artists from various disciplines converge to celebrate their craft and entertain the community. To keep tabs on what’s new and exciting in Collingwood, follow @whatsupcollingwood on Instagram.

Collingwood's arts and culture scene is a testament to the town's creative spirit and vibrant community. Whether you're an art enthusiast or just curious about local culture, the galleries, museums, and events offer diverse experiences to spark your imagination and provide the ultimate entertainment. Visit the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, witness artists at The Tremont Studios, explore Collingwood's history at the Collingwood Museum, and join the exciting lineup of events on the calendar. We'll see you there!

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