Introducing Our Limited-Edition Lager Pack: A Lager Lover’s Dream

Collingwood Staff with our Lager Pack

Lager Pack

If you're a true lover of all things lager, we at Side Launch have an exciting treat for you this season; our limited edition Lager Pack. This four-pack is a celebration of some of our most iconic brews, and it's available at our taproom, online store, and LCBO locations. Whether you're a seasoned Side Launch fan or new to our brand, this collection of beers is guaranteed to be your new favourite.

A Look Inside Our Lager Pack

This exclusive Lager Pack brings together four distinct lagers that have become beloved classics in the Side Launch lineup. Each beer in this collection showcases the quality, craftsmanship, and rich traditions that Side Launch is known for.

  • Dark Lager: The Dark Lager is a long-awaited return to the LCBO. Its crisp finish is rich in complex aromas of chocolate and coffee. This Bavarian-style beer is the perfect companion for those cozy fall evenings. Pour it into your collector's stein and savour the deep, robust flavours.
  • Mountain Lager: Another returning favourite to the LCBO, our Mountain Lager is a Munich Helles-style lager with a light finish. It owes its refreshing character to the German Noble hops used in its creation. Enjoy it in the comfort of your home or share it with friends and family.
  • Northbound Lager: Our Northbound Lager is an American adaptation to the original Czech Pilsner. It's a smooth, crisp, and easy-drinking beer that's perfect for any occasion. As a part of our Lager Pack, it adds a refreshing layer to your tasting experience.
  • Festbier: The Festbier is a limited edition gem that is only available at LCBO in this Lager Pack. This German-style beer is a classic brew for the Oktoberfest season. It boasts a clean, rich, toasty, and bready malt flavour, making it the perfect companion for schnitzel or German pretzels.


Lager Pack

Collector's Stein Included

But that's not all - when you acquire our Lager Pack, you'll receive a collector's stein. This traditional beer vessel is the ideal way to enjoy your Side Launch lagers in style. Branded with our Side Launch logo, this stein is a homage to the rich brewing heritage that Side Launch embodies.


Lager Pack at LCBO

Where to Find Our Lager Pack

The Side Launch Brewing Co. Lager Pack is now available at our taproom, online store, and select LCBO locations. Be sure to check the inventory here, to confirm your local LCBO has availability.

Get your Lager Pack today, and enjoy the beers of the season (enjoyed in your new stein, of course). Cheers to great beers and great times!

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