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Collingwood Charters

Collingwood Charters, a boat tour agency in Collingwood, Ontario, not only offers an array of engaging tours but also understands the significance and importance of collaboration within the community. 

This small family-owned business has forged many strong partnerships with other local establishments and consistently lends its support to community members in various ways, fostering a heartwarming impact on this picturesque, and historic waterfront town.

Kari Foubert, one of the owners, shared the inspiring story behind the establishment of Collingwood Charters. With her husband, Tom Foubert, and the Campbell family, Matt Campbell and Roslyn Campbell, they embarked on this business venture, only after a casual conversation about starting a business together. 

Coming from backgrounds as teachers and firefighters, both families have long been active participants in the community, which eventually led them to become local business owners.

Collingwood Charters

As a Collingwood native, Foubert has witnessed remarkable positive transformations in the town over the years — in many different ways.

The community has experienced much growth, attracting more residents and visitors, particularly drawn to the abundance of ski hills (such as Blue Mountain Ski Resort), water activities in the Georgian Bay, and all of the scenic trails that Collingwood has to offer. 

Recognizing the tremendous business opportunity emerging from this surge in outdoor interest, both families set their sights on the water and officially purchased Collingwood Charters on June 30th, 2021, Foubert noted.

The tour boat they operate, named "Huronic," not only holds 70 passengers, but it also holds a significant historical connection. 

The vessel's iconic name pays homage to the first-ever 'side-launched' ship that was introduced in Collingwood's historic harbour, renowned for its shipbuilding and side-launching traditions.

According to Foubert, the local harbour is also just simply “beautiful.”

Although smaller in size, Collingwood Charter's "Huronic" proudly carries on this important piece of local history and keeps this cherished memory a part of the community.

In addition to their commitment to history and community, Collingwood Charters actively gives back and engages with everyone in the area. 

Their tours cater to diverse groups, ranging from scout organizations to senior citizens, while also providing support to local events, sports groups, shelters, and hospitals. 

Foubert and her fellow business owners embrace the community spirit and express their love for the Collingwood community, also considering it a wonderful place for children, including their own, to grow up.

For Foubert, Collingwood embodies the essence of "home" in a single word. As she grew up there, and still calls this wonderful community home, to this day.

Capitalizing on the shared values of community and history, Collingwood Charters seized a remarkable opportunity to collaborate with Side Launch Brewing, a local brewery. 

They created a beer called "1901," inspired by Collingwood's history and the inaugural 'side-launched' vessel. 

Side Launch Northbound Lager

This collaboration also holds great significance for Side Launch Brewing, whose entire brand name is derived from the historic 'side-launching' process into this local harbour.

By incorporating original pictures of the "Huronic" into the label design, Side Launch Brewing transformed its North Bound Lager into a flavorful tribute to the vessel that set sail all the way back in 1901. 

If you’re wondering what the North Bound Lager might taste like, it is a light-bodied and well-balanced North American-style Lager. It also has a mild peppery aroma with a subtle sweetness. The uncomplicated pint will inevitably make for an easy drinking experience.

This remarkable partnership between the boat tour agency and Side Launch Brewing, allows patrons to savor a sip of Collingwood's history, all while enjoying a leisurely and stunning cruise with Collingwood Charters.

Whether you're planning to visit Collingwood in the future or are already in the area, Collingwood Charters should undoubtedly be on your list, as it's a great way to support a local business.

Offering a wide range of tours, including picturesque sunset tours, delicious dinner cruises, exclusive private excursions, exciting fishing charters, a variety of special events, plus much, much more, this local boat tour agency guarantees an unforgettable experience. 

Their distinctive dinner cruises, in particular, exemplify meaningful collaborations with Collingwood restaurants and local caterers — which is just another example of how they are so intertwined with the community.

These two-and-a-half-hour dining experiences on the water take place every Thursday evening throughout the summer, providing an exceptional opportunity to create some ever-lasting memories. 

Additionally, the "Local Jam Night" cruise, held on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer, features multiple performers, each entertaining the crowd with 30-minute sets. Guests can simply enjoy the talent or even join in themselves. 

So if you’ve ever wanted the chance to show off your singing skills to a local audience, one of these specific cruises might be your time to shine.

As you embark on a journey with Collingwood Charters, of course, don’t miss the chance to enhance your experience by savouring a refreshing “1901” beer. 

Collingwood Charters

This brew not only quenches your thirst but also serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of two remarkable local businesses. It provides the perfect opportunity to raise a glass in celebration while immersing yourself in the captivating history of this charming town, all at the same time.

Collingwood Charters and Side Launch Brewing stand as shining examples of the vibrant, interconnected community of Collingwood. With their unwavering commitment to the town and its residents, these two businesses have become pillars of support, embodying the essence of local entrepreneurship, at its finest.

By fostering collaboration, unity, and mutual growth, Collingwood Charters and Side Launch Brewing exemplify the beauty of small businesses supporting one another, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits both locals and visitors alike.

With all of that said, these are just a few of the Citizens of Collingwood, that represent this small-town community in such an amazing way.

Collingwood, Ontario, is filled with a ton of incredible stories, people, and local businesses, like this one — and it has a whole lot of rich history to continuously be celebrated and shared.

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