Why Side Launch Relaunched: Paying Homage to Collingwood's Heritage

Side Launch has been a staple in the Collingwood community for years, crafting exceptional beer that captures the spirit of this small Ontario town. In recent times, we embarked on a rebranding effort, and we're excited to share why we made this decision and what it means for our future.

Embracing Collingwood's Shipbuilding Legacy:

At the heart of our rebranding effort lies a desire to educate and engage more people in the story behind our brewery's name and its deep connection to Collingwood. In Collingwood's harbour, a unique tradition called a "side launch" emerged due to space restrictions. Ships were built and launched sideways into the water, marking a momentous occasion in the town's shipbuilding heritage.

Collingwood Sidelaunch

Listening to Our Roots:

Throughout this rebranding journey, we took the time to listen to the voices that matter most—our employees, consumers, community, and loyal fans. What resonated strongly was an unwavering pride in our Collingwood and Ontario roots. This overwhelming support fuelled our commitment to pay tribute to Collingwood's rich history, our own legacy, and our deep gratitude for being part of this remarkable community.Side Launch Brewery

Beyond the Cans: Tap Room Renovation

The relaunch goes beyond just our cans. We have renovated our Collingwood tap room to align with our new vision. Our aim is to create a welcoming space where visitors and residents can immerse themselves in our beers, soak up the vibrant atmosphere, and experience firsthand the history that inspired our relaunch.

Side Launch Brewery

Spreading the Joy: Updated Side Launch Cans:

You can now find our new Side Launch cans across the shelves of LCBO, grocery stores, and beer retailers. With their clean and vibrant design, these cans reflect our unwavering commitment to brewing exceptional beers and sharing our passion with an ever-growing audience.

Side Launch Brewery

We are proud to embrace the town's shipbuilding legacy, paying homage to its industrious spirit and deep-rooted heritage. As we continue this exciting journey, we invite you to raise your glasses alongside us and toast to Collingwood's past, present, and future.

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